training services

training services

Training Services are provided on arranged dates, or can be arranged ad-hoc specific to our customer requirements.  Our current courses include;

Odour Acuity Assessment

  • Provided for olfactometry panellists or personnel performing sniff tests
  • Following methods of BS EN 13725
  • Ensures sniff assessors are within the acceptable range of sensitivity

Odour Awareness

  • Provides site staff with fundamental knowledge of odour emissions
  • Understanding the effects of nuisance odour
  • Current industrial guidance and legislation
  • Performing FIDOR sniff tests
  • Odour abatement technologies

Odour Sampling

  • Provides consultants and site technicians with the skills to take their own odour samples
  • Hands on training including flow measurements
  • Storage and Transport of samples
  • Understanding odour emission values

Acuity assessments can be included with sampling and assessment training courses. For current training dates please get in touch.

Bespoke training packages can be supplied on request, call for details.

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