stack emissions

stack emissions

Controlling & monitoring stack emissions to air help businesses to demonstrate compliance with Environmental permitting regulations.

Our consultants and sampling teams provide accurate and reliable emissions data, which assist with –

  • Achieving compliance with Environmental permit limits
  • Investigation and resolution of the root cause of non- compliances
  • Certification of newly Installed abatement and control systems
  • Assessing the potential compliance issues associated with new process or production trials
  • Provision of accurate Emission Inventories to assist with planning applications
  • Selection of appropriate system design and controls measures
  • Certification and approval of Renewable heat incentive applications



  • Compliance with local authority air pollution control regimes
  • Monitoring atmospheric emissions from Biogas & Landfill Plants
  • Emissions testing from CHP engines & Boilers
  • Compliance monitoring of waste Incinerator stacks
  • Periodic monitoring from mineral processing plants
  • RHI assessments of Biomass Boilers

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