product testing

product odour testing

Our sensory laboratory can help answer difficult questions about your products such as;

  • Is there an unpleasant odour associated with my product?
  • Does my product reduce malodour?
  • Are the odours released from my product safe to humans?
  • How does my product perform over time?
  • Can I reduce the odour of my product?
  • How is the odour from my product perceived?

In all cases, we provide a tailored service specific to your product, identifying suitable testing parameters where applicable. In many cases, we develop test protocols which are unique to our customers. Examples of this service include;

  • Development of quality control testing protocols
  • Peer testing against competitor products
  • Market research during product development
  • Investigations in product odour reduction

If you are developing a product which could benefit from our service, get in touch today to speak with one of our consultants.

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