odour impact assessment

odour impact assessments

Our odour impact assessments evaluate potential nuisance odours, which may require attention in planned developments. They also provide critical information when investigating site odours. With a range of tools at our disposal, our consultants can provide suitable guidance, advice and recommendations.


typical assessments include;

Assessment of new residential development, positioned close to an odorous site

  • Often required as part of the planning application
  • Safeguards potential residents and site operators from future odour nuisance
  • Completed following relevant EA & IAQM guidance

Development of new industrial site with potential odour sources, or a change to process & addition of odour sources

  • Ensures no negative effect is posed on local amenities
  • Vital to the development of a suitable odour management plan
  • Indicates if odour abatement is required or if improvements to existing abatement is appropriate

Odour Nuisance Investigations

  • Determine odour sources causing nuisance
  • Screen odour sources and assess potential risk
  • Highlights potential mitigation required
  • Useful when targeting a reduction of site odours

Typical applications include

  •  Where an odour assessment has been requested as part of a planning application
  • Resolution and investigation of local nuisance complaints
  • To form part of an environmental impact assessment
  • Selection of appropriate abatement systems

Each assessment is unique, and will require a specific approach. SES provide the following techniques to aid the odour assessment;

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