odour emission

odour emission

Our odour emission sampling teams follow the most up to date methods and procedures for, ensuring that the odour sampling complies with recommended and suitable guidance.

our specialities include;

Site Emission Compliance

  • Sampling and measurement in line with permit requirements
  • Clear and concise reporting for submission to the regulatory bodies
  • Support when Emission Limit Values (ELV’s) have been breached

Odour Abatement Performance Testing

  • Odour reduction efficiencies of Biofilters, Scrubbers, Carbon Filters & Ozone Units
  • Yearly/Bi-annual odour emission testing to monitor asset performance
  • Abatement handover performance tests
  • Chemical measurement of odorous emissions, required for the design of abatement

Odour Emission Inventories


Odour samples are processed at our in-house UKAS accredited sensory laboratory, Odourlab, based in Worcester UK.

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Triplicate Odour Emission Sample