odour analysis

odour analysis

Our laboratories chemistry department works closely with the olfactometry laboratory, helping to analyse odours.  Through a range of analytical techniques, we can detect and quantify key compounds, helping to determine the chemical makeup of an emission.

What We Offer

Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)

  • Identify compounds with low limits of detection
  • Fully quantify compounds of interest
  • Evaluate VOC emissions from product materials
  • Characterise the chemical makeup of an air sample

Spot Measurements using hand-held devices

  • Portable and cost effective analysis of many compounds
  • Identify hazardous airborne chemicals above workplace limits
  • Measure and quantify odorous compounds of an air sample
  • Immediate results for onsite investigations

Common Measurements include amines, ammonia, dimethyl sulphide, hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans, volatile organic compounds (VOC’S)

Chemical analysis can provide vital information when attributing risk of odour nuisance, investigating key odour emissions from materials or determining odorous compounds requiring abatement.

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