occupational noise risk assessments

occupational noise risk assessments

controlling occupational noise: –

Protecting workers from the harmful effects of noise in the workplace is a legal requirement in the UK.

The Noise at work regulations (2005) stipulate that the following Exposure levels should not be exceeded:

If the action levels are exceeded, suitable control measures should be implemented and an assessment to confirm the adequacy of the control measures should also be carried out.

key services provided:

  • Noise Risk assessments enable the identification of the severity and number of people affected
  • Daily personal Noise exposure surveys (LEP,d)
  • Peak Sound Pressure assessments and identification of problematic noise sources
  • Interpretation and consultation on noise assessment data to resolve non compliances and advise on suitable noise reduction measures

benefits of noise risk assessments

  • Risk assessment identifies workplace areas and those personnel who are at most risk
  • Exposure monitoring quantifies the level of risk
  • Monitoring and assessment leads to compliance with legal limits
  • The Effectiveness of control measures can be verified
  • Advice on required improvements and recommendations

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