occupational dust assessments

occupational dust risk assessments

Controlling and assessing exposure levels of occupational dust in the workplace is a key element of compliance with the control of substances hazardous to health regulations 2002 (COSHH).

SES can help organisations and employers carry out the following steps which will lead to compliance: –

Assess the risks

Performing a professional and comprehensive risk assessment benefits organisation by: –

  • Identifying any potential hazardous dusts within the workplace
  • Determination of the potential employee exposure routes i.e. Inhalation, Ingestion, Skin contact
  • Confirmation of high-risk areas and specific personnel at risk

Work Place air monitoring

Accurate exposure assessments of the workplace atmosphere enables: –

  • True assessments of the level of potential risk experienced by employees
  • Confirmation of compliance with legal workplace exposure limits
  • Assessment of the adequacy of current control measures
  • Identification of the presence of unknown hazardous dusts i.e. new products /processes

Work – place exposure monitoring is undertaken utilising the latest HSE MDHS , ISO and NIOSH test methods to guarantee fit for purpose monitoring.

Prevention & control

  • Design of work practices to eliminate, substitute or reduce exposure to the hazard
  • Advice on the provision of workstations which enclose and extract the source of exposure
  • Employee training and the selection of fit for purpose PPE and RPE



  • Assessment of inhalable & respirable dust exposure within construction & demolition sites
  • Occupational exposure assessment of respirable silica levels found in mineral processing plants
  • Exposure assessments of toxic heavy metal contaminants within the atmosphere of foundries & precious metal recovery plants.
  • Operator exposure assessments within the surface coating plants of aerospace & Automotive industries
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