indoor air quality assessment

indoor air quality assessments

Monitoring and controlling the potential adverse effects of poor Indoor air quality is a growing concern to many facility managers, public institutions, and regulatory bodies.

SES offer accurate assessment and evaluation of the following potential risk factors  –

  • Moulds & Bioaerosols responsible for infections in healthcare units & waste treatment facilities
  • Dust & chemical vapours requiring compliance with Workplace exposure limits and Building regulations
  • Assessment of Formaldehyde & Total Volatile organic compounds as part of BREEAM certification schemes and facility developments
  • Workplace Exposure assessment of combustion products such as NOx and CO
  • Detection and measurement of fine particulate matter in clean rooms to include PM10 & PM 2.5

Verifying the performance of building ventilation systems and the assessment of exposure levels to hazardous substances can provide stakeholders with the following key benefits:-

  • Compliance with COSHH and building regulations
  • Prevention of public health issues & the preservation of a company’s reputation
  • Maintenance of hygienic process conditions to ensure the integrity of sensitive products such as medicinal & pharmaceutical agents
  • Improvements in employee absenteeism and staff morale

Typical applications of IAQ assessments –

  • Housing Associations
  • Hospitals
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