OurĀ bioaerosol consultants follow approved industrial guidance and method statements, ensuring the highest level of service. We provide boundary monitoring for site compliance and personal monitoring for worker safety.

Boundary Monitoring

  • Determines site effects on localised air quality
  • Sampling in accordance with EA published guidelines
  • Evaluates against background bioaerosol levels
  • Reports are compliant with EA / SEPA requirements

Occupational Exposure Monitoring

  • Determines worker exposure to bioaerosols
  • Ensures adequate RPE and PPE is being utilised
  • Establishes risk zones within the work place
  • Safeguards employees from workplace illnesses
  • Can be used as part of a comprehensive site risk assessment
  • Reports risks to workers, and provide suitable guidance to reduce exposure


Samples are processed in a microbiology laboratory, and levels for Aspergillus fumigatus, total mesophilic bacterial and gram negative bacteria are reported. These are key tracers for bioaerosols represented in organic waste, which have background limits provided by the Environment Agency.

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