air quality impact assessment

air quality impact assessment

Air Quality Impact Assessment  encompasses a plethora of compounds and molecules that can be harmful to the Environment. It is therefore important to monitor and limit emissions to lower our impact on the environment.

In 2008 the European Union set legally binding limits on emissions of air pollutants that can impact public health. These pollutants, when released into the Earth’s atmosphere, cause disease and death to living organisms, as well as damage to the environment. Monitoring these pollutants is therefore crucial in both legislative terms and for environmental health.

Spectrum Environmental Support is able to provide short or long term environmental air monitoring and assessments, allowing for variations in meteorological conditions at even the remotest of sites.

concentrations of pollutants able to be recorded include:

• Carbon Monoxide (ppb)
• Sulphur Dioxide (ppb)
• Ozone (ppb)
• Nitrogen Oxides (ppb)
• PM10 fine particles
• Volatile Organic Compounds; VOCs
• Benzene

These are all analysed and interpreted against current standards, legislation and guidance in the issued reports by experienced members of the team.
It can be hard for operators and developers to understand the full extent of requirements for air quality impact assessment and monitoring. In support of planning applications, Spectrum Environmental Support can guide businesses on how to meet monitoring requirements, provide impact assessments and advise on required abatement equipment. In accordance with the UK National Air Quality Strategy, and as a requirement for ISO 14001 Environmental Management System or IPPC Permit.

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