International Odour and Dust Experts appoint published Aerobiologist Dr. Magdalena Sady?

International Odour and Dust Experts appoint published Aerobiologist Dr. Magdalena Sady?

Aerobiology is the study of airborne microorganisms such as pollen, spores and seeds, especially as agents of infection, providing an invaluable service to allergy sufferers.

As the International Odour and Dust Experts, we are continually at the forefront of the complex issues which can affect all of us. We continue to research and provide solutions to the most complex areas of air quality and environmental support. We are delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Magdalena Sady? , Ph.D., in Aerobiology to our team. Magdalena has many years of research experience, is regularly published and has been guest editor of the Aerobiologia journal. Her considerable experience has been enhanced with extensive laboratory experience and she has even found time to become a specialist in nature conservation.

Rebecca Munson, UK Business Development Manager, said ‘We are delighted to welcome Magdalena to further enhance the environmental support we offer to our customers. We are proud of our reputation for expertise in the field of odour and aerobiology. We continue to invest in both our team and research to ensure that our specialisation tackles the most complex areas of air quality.’

Dr. Magdalena said, ‘I am excited to be joining the renowned team in the Spectrum Environmental Support department at Air Spectrum. My passion is for both biology and training. My research interests are within the fields of atmospheric sciences, public health and sustainable agriculture. I excel as a team player and have built collaborations with partners from both academia and industry at an International level, and look forward to incorporating and enhancing these within my work at Air Spectrum.’

About Air Spectrum

We are the International odour control specialists, delivering solutions globally. Our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory is one of the most accurate and repeatable in the world for odour analysis. We provide a one stop shop and are proud of our International reputation.

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