AWARD-winning odour-suppressionexperts AIR SPECTRUM ENVIRONMENTAL LTD secured a major boost by winning acontract to work on the new L20millionstate-of-the-art Advanced Waste Treatment Centre by Avondale Environmental.

Midlands-basedAir Spectrum were approached by infrastructure experts Lend Lease totender for the opportunity to supply the odour control equipment for Avondale’s pioneering Materials Recycling Facility (MRF),which is located in Polmont, central Scotland. TheMRF is capable of processing 200,000 tonnes of waste every year – 60 per centof which will be diverted from going to landfill through recycling anddeveloping fuels, from the waste, for energy production. And AirSpectrum have been called upon to install their award-winning quad and asingle-zone rotary atomiser systems to ensure all odours produced by the siteduring this process are efficiently neutralised.

Mark Thomas, General Manager ofAir Spectrum Environmental Ltd, commented: “We were chosen as the successfulbidder, because we were able to design and supply a system that met thecriteria needed as well as being the most cost-efficient. We were able todesign an effectual solution from drawings and plans, as the site wasn’tdeveloped at the time.

“We went through all the dueprocess and then installed both a quad and a single-zone rotary atomisersystem, which are in line with what Scottish Environment Protection Agency(SEPA) require for Avondale to fulfil their obligations with regard to odourcontrol on that particular site.”

Thomas added: “It was a big dealfor us – both in terms of it being good business for the company financially,but also the fact that we were chosen by a major player in Scotland ahead ofother national companies and local firms.

“The quality equipment AirSpectrum provided and the support we can offer gave them the confidence toproceed with us.

“Compared to the other bidders,we put in a more cost-effective system and understood the client’s needs so wecould meet their requirements exactly and give them full flexibility on theirodour control.

“We were able to demonstratethat with our system we can actually control the amount of running costs – andreduce them – over a period of time to give them a better return on theirmoney.

“There were a series of pre-sitemeetings, before the actual install, which took just under a week. Lend Leasehave a comprehensive induction process for every site and we undertook thatbefore installing and commissioning the system.”