With the threat of hosepipe bans looming large across much of the south of England, AIR SPECTRUM ENVIRONMENTAL can play a key role in ensuring waste recycling businesses are not affected by the water shortages.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is poised to bring in restrictions from early spring 2012, but AIR SPECTRUM provide market-leading technology that will ensure businesses can continue to operate in the most water-efficient way possible.

Mark Thomas, General Manager of the Worcester-based odour and dust suppression experts Air Spectrum, has appealed to companies that are likely to be affected by impending water shortages to contact his team for a free consultation.

“If there are drought restrictions and bans put in place, we offer a system that will utilise to the maximum efficiency what will be a very scarce resource,” Thomas commented.

“We are looking at getting the message across to businesses that for a lot of operating purposes – especially where odour is involved – we can reduce their water usage, which in turn reduces the cost.

“We have a number of systems, two of them being- the Vortex Rotary Atomiser systems for use in dust or odour ‘hotspots’, and the Pacific System, a highly effective, high-pressure, multi-nozzzle, finely atomised mist delivery system. They are both built and designed to utilise water in the most efficient way.

“The water efficiency is achieved by the delivery and misting nozzles that we use, delivering a market-leading four-and-a-half litres of water-per-hour for each nozzle. And this is actually a considerably small amount for the level of odour or dust control achieved.”

Thomas continued: “. The build and quality we put into our systems allows the customer to have better control of their costs. We have developed an electronic pulsing control for our systems, giving our customers the ability to tune the misting to their needs without using excessive amounts of water.”

The Air Spectrum water effective systems use their own range of chemical ‘Odr’, odour neutralisers with the resulting atomised mist acting as an effective barrier to control the odour emission. Odr neutralises the odour, instead of masking it.

Businesses eager to discover how they could benefit from AIR SPECTRUM’S market-leading systems can contact the team on 01905 362100 or via email at