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Odour pollution is one of the most intrusive pollutants and causes disruption and annoyance to thousands of lives every day across the UK. As a pollutant, odour is one of the most difficult to define, and equally dust has impact on the public and workers’ health, and must be managed in a professional manner. Most businesses in these sectors must comply with Environmental Permits and other statutory requirements or face heavy fines and possible imprisonment.  Spectrum Environmental Support assists new and existing customers as these businesses increase their efforts to avoid the consequences of not responding to regulatory demands.

As legislation becomes tighter and process changes are introduced, the marketplace for Spectrum Environmental Support’s professional odour and dust management services will expand. Many organisations will adopt more responsible attitudes and approaches towards managing and controlling processes that operate with potential to cause odour and dust emissions.

Spectrum Environmental Support’s technical services, specialist products, and practical capabilities will be increasingly focused in response to customer demands for effective support and solutions which will properly manage a comprehensive range of their odour and dust issues, and in particular to ensure strict compliance with environmental legislation, especially where there are demands for:

  • Assessing reporting and managing the causes and effects of environmental issues relating to odour and dust pollution
  • Urgent remedial and/or routine works to address sites where a varied range of odour and dust problems are identified
  • Introductions of specialist new control equipment including systems management packages
  • Modifications to existing equipment to bring sites into line with Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) and other requirements e.g. Local Authority Pollution Controls (LAPC)

Odour pollution can arise from various sources such as waste, water treatment, restaurants, sewerage works, landfill, petro-chemical, industrial processes, agriculture and food manufacture. Any process which handles odourous material can cause odour pollution, and problems can occur at all stages of a business process. Planning and permit applications that lack sufficient impact assessments can be rejected; neighbourhood complaints can be troublesome, gaining unwanted media coverage, and in worse case scenarios sites can be prosecuted, receiving hefty fines for odour problems.

Dust suppression and control is a critical factor when it comes to preventing the exposure to dust of the public and employees. Dust Control measures usually involve a combination of equipment and ways of working to reduce exposure. The right combination is crucial. No measures, however practical, can work unless they are used properly. SES consultants will assess and advise on dust monitoring equipment and dust suppression techniques for a range of industries including dust suppression for construction, quarries and mines, demolition and aggregates, sports arenas, tracks and equestrian facilities.

Spectrum Environmental Support can help in all odour and dust related cases. With the correct precautions, abatement and management, odours and dust can be contained and the impact effects limited.

The SES team will provide odour and dust consultancy and management including:

  • Site odour assessment (including on-going site monitoring)
  • Site sampling using structured collection, handling and transport protocols
  • In-house laboratory analysis via their UKAS Accredited OdourLab
  • Odour dispersion modelling using ADMS 5 software, (including topographical and meteorological data)
  • Reporting
  • Equipment supply and installation
  • Product supply
  • Equipment servicing and maintenance
  • Provision of independent and accurate advice about appropriate abatement and control measures.
  • Acuity training
  • Dust monitoring and abatement advice

Spectrum Environmental Support is an independent consultancy.